Employees of our company participate in a structured Career Development Program, or CDP, that focuses on developing future leaders and set you on a path to success.  This includes:

  • Setting clear goals
  • Following our CDP competency matrix
  • Providing global opportunities
  • Offering leadership development through courses


Our CDP focuses on specific disciplines vital to Freeport-McMoRan’s business initiatives. These disciplines are divided into Towers. The mission of the Towers is to provide employees opportunities to develop strong leadership and operational skills while providing the Company with a continuous supply of mobile, highly competent leaders who are ready to accept assignments throughout the world.

Tower Leads

The Tower Leads oversee the functionality of the Towers to ensure consistency, provide guidance and help seek development opportunities for employees participating in the CDP. Tower Leads help identify long-term needs, rotational assignments and projects to drive overall Company goals and initiatives.

Site Leads

Our Site Leads play an important role in the decisions and development of their employees' career paths. They routinely meet with and mentor employees participating in the program. Currently, there are Site Leads at all of our North America operations and some in South America.


Tower and Site Leads meet on a regularly scheduled basis to discuss Company needs and their employees’ goals, their current skills and knowledge to meet those needs. Leads work together to evaluate and discuss potential assignments, transfers, projects, training and promotion opportunities.