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Title:  Technical Expert, Senior Security Advisor

Requisition ID:  130099

Papua, ID, 99967

Category:  Security
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Directly advise the Vice President-Security Risk Management on technical security issues, force structure & integration, and required strategic/administrative/logistical planning.  Advise and assist the PT-FI Executive Committee and FCX corporate staff on special projects in the security arena as required. Analyze the need for, conceive, develop, and plan resources for the overall security structure of PT Freeport Indonesia.  Assist in the development and resource planning to address contingencies in the areas of civil disturbance, terrorist activities, industrial relations disturbances, industrial security, and natural disaster planning.  Assist in the formulation of strategy and as a liaison between PTFI and regional government security forces.  Assist as a liaison with operational, social/local development, and administrative groups as required.

Additional Responsibilities

1.            Key technical advisor to the VP-Security Risk Management on security management systems, organizational development, and integration of joint security forces.  Provide technical expertise, leadership, and strategic advice, and provide direct mentorship to leaders in the security group. Provide technical support on security issues to the PT-FI Excomm and FCX corporate staff on security issues and assessments.   

2.            Ensure compliance to FCPA, Voluntary Principles to Security and Human rights, and accepted international protocols in the security arena.

3.            Play a key role in a rapid and broad-based upgrade to the PT-FI security program, including the force structure and physical security enhancements.

4.            Advise, communicate, and assist in formulation of company policy and procedures on security related matters. 

5.            Develop and routinely update a five-year plan for the SRM group and the annual operating plan.

6.            Plan, forecast and implement adjusted force structure requirements in response to changing threats and operational needs. Provide continuous advice on the appropriate force structure and mix of PTFI-civilian-military-private forces required to ensure the safety and security of PTFI operations.  Ensure coordination of the overall security effort between key parties (PT-FI, contract, civil, and military).

7.            Conduct effective liaison and coordination with groups including police, military, and civilian government leaders (police, military, and political).

8.            Promote security awareness within company leadership and ensure integration of security planning in business processes.  Plan for emergency preparedness contingencies and function as an advisor to the crisis management team as required.

9.            Provide technical review, ensure ability to execute, and conduct table-top rehearsals of emergency action plans.

10.          Evaluate and provide recommendations on integration of key technologies in support of the security mission.

11.          Assist in development of budgeting and resourcing for PTFI internal security as well as integrated GOI security forces.


  • College/bachelor’s degree or similar qualification with twenty (20) years of experience including significant leadership roles.
  • Senior military officer/ non-commissioned officer, law enforcement leadership, or background in foreign relations, business in developing countries, or international law is required. 
  • Additional relevant skills in the areas of corporate security are also beneficial.
  • Interpersonal and intercultural skills particularly in dealing with senior ranking foreign government officials.
  • An ability to solve complicated, multi-faceted problems with ethnic and cultural undercurrents.
  • An ability to cultivate meaningful intelligence regarding strikes, terrorist actions, and other activities that impact upon company operations and to formulate and implement operational plans and countermeasures to address these threats safely and effectively.
  • Understanding industrial relations principles to address internal theft and behavioral problems in the workplace.
  • Maintaining productive relationships with the Freeport Community, select government personnel (GoI and others), and local leaders.
  • Overcoming factors relating to language, cultural differences, inexperience, and a lack of training among security forces.
  • Knowledge or experience with Indonesian military doctrine and military organization structure.
  • Ability to communicate effectively. 
  • Ability to conduct specific subject matter and situation briefings.
  • Strong managerial, administrative, logistical, and planning skills.
  • Cost and accounting knowledge to allow cost-effective performance and operating within a budget.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Masters’ degree qualification. 
  • Equivalent of staff colleges or senior service colleges in the military context is desirable.
  • Bahasa Indonesia skills are highly valued.



  • Copper Overseas Service Company ("COSCO") promotes a drug/ alcohol free work environment through the use of mandatory pre-employment drug testing and on-going random drug testing as per applicable Company Standards

COSCO has reviewed the jobs at its various office and operating sites and determined that many of these jobs include tasks or duties that could affect the safety or health of the employees performing these tasks or others. Accordingly, the Company has designated the following positions as safety-sensitive:

  • Positions within COSCO which are held by employees who receive Safety Training; or
  • Positions within COSCO which are held by employees who operate equipment or motor vehicles in furtherance of performing their COSCO job duties, including operating motor vehicles while on Company business or travel (for this purpose “motor vehicles” includes Company owned or leased motor vehicles and personal motor vehicles used by employees in furtherance of Company business or while on Company travel)


Benefits: Begin first day of employment

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Relocation assistance/Ex-Pat incentives


COSCO is an equal opportunity employer

Job Segment: Police, Corporate Security, Employee Relations, Risk Management, Security, Human Resources, Finance

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