Title:  Smelter Operational Readiness - Security Operation Manager

Requisition ID:  126475

Surabaya, ID, 99112

Category:  Human Resources
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(This position will be located in Gresik, East Java, Indonesia)

The purpose of this position is: 

  • Coordinate, review, reports directly to the Senior Security Advisor spans both the FIS and the MMR, and being the first point of contact for any security contingency at the direction of the Senior Security Advisor.
  • Protect company assets in order to achieve smooth operations, and to promote security awareness while advancing the concept of accountability for violations.
  • Act as liaison between PTFI and local and regional government security forces, coordinating joint GOI/PTFI security operations to mitigate or minimize risk of injury of PTFI employees and theft or damage to property and equipment under conditions of civil disturbance, terrorist threat or natural disaster. 

The key duties and responsibilities of this position are: 

  • Maintain full situational knowledge and awareness of the FIS and report shortfalls to the Senior Security Advisor.
  • Provide leadership, especially in the absence of the Senior Security Advisor.
  • Assist investigations and reporting to Senior Security Advisor daily.
  • Assign posts at random upon shift change.
  • Ensure shift supervisors are compliant with post orders.
  • Periodically inspect all infrastructure, lights, cameras, posts, entries, to ensure it is in working order.
  • Conduct penetration testing.
  • Review and adjust post orders periodically or at the direction of the Senior Security Advisor. Assist the Senior Security Advisor in conducting annual risk assessments.
  • Training, maintain knowledge, and assist with testing and implementation of crisis management plans as needed.
  • Hold pre-shipment briefings and debriefings, with a view to reviewing operations and implementing needed changes.
  • Be capable of coordinating police or other emergency response in the absence of the Senior Security Advisor.
  • Manage production of daily, weekly, monthly reports from subordinates.

The key challenges in this position: 

  • Managing complex and competing demands with multiple stakeholders and government initiatives across the organization whilst meeting organizational expectations.
  • Actively developing effective working relationships with key customers and stakeholders, and gaining support for proposed projects, given tight timeframes and potentially competing priorities. Managing security operations service providers and ensure information privacy and confidentiality responsibilities and obligations are understood and met across a complex customer environment.

The background, education, and work experience needed to succeed in this job are: 

Minimum Education and Experience 

  • Any discipline or equivalent experience, preferably a bachelor's degree (BA) in Criminal Justice with three (3) years of working experience as a Corporate Security Manager or equivalent.
  • Experience in security risk management and training management and training management skills.
  • Held Garda Utama certificate.
  • A minimum five (5) years' experience as security lead at a multi-national mining, oil and gas, refining or equivalent heavy industrial operation.

Core Competencies (Knowledge, Skills & Characters): 

  • Interpersonal and intercultural skills particularly in dealing with senior ranking foreign government officials. 
  • Internal theft and behavioral problems in the workplace. Understand industrial relations principles. 
  • Public relations with the Freeport Community, select US Embassy personnel, local leaders and National leaders - all of whom have influence on the security operations at Jobsite. 
  • Overcoming factors relating to language and cultural differences along with inexperience within police ranks. 
  • Knowledge or experience with Indonesian military doctrine and military organization structure. 
  • Communication skills (read, write and speak both the Indonesian and English language fluently). 
  • Ability to conduct specific subject matter and situation briefings. 
  • General managerial and planning skills. 
  • Administrative skills. 
  • Logistic knowledge. 
  • Cost and accounting knowledge. Cost saving considerations with a view to establishing the best possible security to the company. 
  • Basic understanding of radio communication network (HV, UHF, VHF and SAT). 
  • Computer literacy. 
  • Working competency in English 

The key areas that the incumbent have decision-making responsibility: 

  • Design and implementation of security programs and plans that can significantly reduce company costs or in other ways effect the company's reputation, value, inventory or stock, i.e., property, procedures, etc. 
  • Design and implementation of security programs and plans that impact the social situation which may affect employees' moral, work productivity, safely at Jobsite, and overall security of employees, both expat and nationals. 
  • Approve budget expenditure up to, including but not limited to materials, airline tickets, fuel, rental equipment, helicopter service, contract service, food service, etc. 
  • Approve/refuse subordinate's leave request. 




Job Segment: Corporate Security, Criminal Justice, Employee Relations, PR, Police, Security, Human Resources, Marketing